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Tree of Serenity

My 25 years of work with topiary sculptures gave me the inspiration and motivated me to respond to my inner voice – “why not create a larger than life tree that is at the same time a piece of art as well as a meeting point for people?

Thus was born the “Tree of Serenity” – a twenty-five feet tall tree in mild steel, painted in brilliant red and standing tall on its own, without a foundation.

Just as in rural India where village folk meet under the banyan tree after the day’s work is over, just to share a few thoughts and reflect on life in general, the Tree of Serenity gently attracts people to linger for a few moments more as they themselves reflect on their lives and relive sweet memories.


The mild steel tree in brilliant red is meant to stand out, tall and strong – tall amongst equals - to remind all of us that through our unique thoughts and actions we too can conquer the hearts of the people around us. Red is also symbol of energy, radiating its vitalizing life-force into human beings.


The tree is twenty-five feet tall and the lower branches are twenty feet across. The material is mild steel and it is double-duco-coated and lacquered. The tree incorporates the artist’s signature PEACE sign.

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