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Sonal Ambani

Recent Work 

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Time's Up

by Sonal Ambani

Sculptor Sonal Ambani began her creative journey two decades ago, sculpting across various mediums and styles. Her work bridges the gap between nature and urbanization, seeking to create a delicate bond between these two diverse ecosystems. Each piece is adorned with her symbolic peace sign, a theme that is at the core of her work. Sonal sculpts with the intention of challenging the viewer to create his/her own meaning by reflecting upon their own life experiences. She believes that art needs to find that balance between visual elegance and intrinsic contemplation. Her stainless steel elephant, Elegance in Steel, which was at the India Art Fair, found a home in Switzerland. A vineyard in Nashik has been named ‘The Red Tree Vineyard’ after her towering 25 feet tall, majestic sculpture, (Tree of Serenity). Her sculptures have been shown at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai and Art Bahrain Across Borders (Art BAB, March 2017) and are also a part of the personal collection of her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibhrahim Al Khalifa wife of the King of Bahrain and other members of the Royal Family. Mrs. Ambani was awarded  the "Women of Excellence" award from FICCI FLO for her contribution to Art & Culture in April 2017.

Recent Exhibitions

Ahmedabad Art E-Fair, Ahmedabad

Art Bahrain Across Borders, Bahrain

Elephant Parade, Mumbai

Sabarmati Festival, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Art E-Fair, Ahmedabad

Uchaan Art Gallery, Delhi

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Dumas Art Festival, Surat

Art Bahrain Across Border, Bahrain

Whitefield Art Collective, Bengaluru 

Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Ahmedabad Art-e-Fair, Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Festival, Ahmedabad

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

India Art Fair, New Delhi

Samara Art Gallery, Ahmedabad

India Art Festival, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad

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Perpetual Motion 

Stainless Steel

8.5’ L x 6.5 H x 3.5’ W 


Mild Steel, PP Coated

8.5’ L x 6.5' H x 3.4’ W 

Peace Today

Mild Steel, PP Coated

11’ L x 7.5' H x 3’ W 

Tree of Serenity

Mild Steel

25’ H x 21’ L 


Mild Steel, PP Coated

11’ L x 7.5' H x 3’ W 

Elegance in Steel 

Stainless Steel

8.5’ L x 6.5' H x 3.5’ W 

Courage in Red  

Fibre, PP Coated

2' L x 2' H x 1.5’ W 


Stainless Steel

1.5’ L x 1.5' H x 0.8’ W 

Peace in Red

Mild Steel, PP Coated

11’ L x 7.5' H x 3’ W 


Mild Steel, PP Coated

8.5’ L x 6.5' H x 3.4’ W 


Mild Steel, PP Coated

11’ L x 7.5' H x 3’ W 

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