Nabibakhsh Mansoori



Nabibakhsh Mansoori paintings are exuberant, and at times surreal. Mansoori looks at the world through the kaleidoscope of color, skewed and layered imagery. He loves to throw the viewer off balance and make them take a second look at the work drawing them into his world. And Mansoori's world is a vortex, which has no beginning or end; it is a seamless existence of reality and the dream world. 


An element that is of interest in Mansoori's painting is the use of multiple points of focus. This is a deliberate choice of the artist. This can be traced to the imagery of the puppet shows the artist saw as a child in his native village. When Mansoori moved to the city to pursue higher education his paintings initially reflected the city life, but it was gradually that he found his true calling and turned to the experiences and memories from childhood and this has continued to be a wellspring of inspiration. 

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