As an artist Dushyant attempts to understand and express through the medium of his practice the undercurrents of social and personal existence. Everyday a cacophony of visual references is presented to him by his immediate milieu, which becomes the springboard for his explorations and ideations.

He tries, with every work to untangle the complexities of the male-female relationship as well as enunciate the way he understands human beings. To do this he sifts through history, drawing direct as well as indirect visual inspiration from the works of the great aficionados such as Salvador Dali and David Hockney.  From Dali, for example, he adopts the surrealist tool for visually representing his thoughts and ideas in his work, whereas from Hockney he draws his humorous approach towards even the most somber of concepts to create a symphony of dialogues between emotions, culture, society and experiences.

Since the beginning of his art practice, the notion of embodying fairly elementary objects with a more profound secondary and probably even higher connotation has fascinated him. Thus part of his process involves an investigation of symbols and metaphors, which have often, in the past, been used as devices to capture and articulate ideas, adding a deeper level of significance and meaning. By incorporating various metaphorical symbols such as crow, apple and cactus, he wishes to convey my thoughts and concepts yet leaving them, to some extent, open for interpretation. 

Ultimately, his attempt is not to fabricate stories of higher import but simply to represent the truth as he sees it. He questions various aspects of the social realm by utilizing humor as a shield, in an attempt to understand his place in society. Sometimes sarcastic and sometimes as plain as a mirror, his work is a reflection of his experiences and thoughts occasionally occurring as questions and at other times as confessions.

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