Vrindavan Solanki

 Vrindavan Solanki, who likes to call his diplomas, degrees and prizes "bits of paper" is focused in his choice of career. This focus and lack of ambiguity about his work is one of the reasons his art is totally original and not derivative of the styles associated with particular regions or institutions of learning.

Solanki's paintings depict the men and women of Rajasthan in easy, flowing lines. His fascination with these people can be traced to his childhood when the children of the Rabari tribe of this State would visit his house. Typically, he draws them in black and white, capturing their innate beauty and the timelessness of their lifestyle. The faces however, are not the focus of his work, being either blinded by a glow or left blank. Instead, he concentrates greatly on their attire. His paintings have a photographic quality about them as he creates a play of light and shadow over the canvas. 


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